The Kootenay School of Arts

Hello! My name is Robyn, I dye all the pieces for Abel! This blog is about the Kootenay School of Arts where I learned how to use natural dyes in 2015! I loved every minute of learning the art of natural dyes. I believe craft culture is an ancient rhythm and when we participate in any craft, whether it's plant dyes, weaving or blacksmithing, there's a rich history that I feel connected to. The process feels like time travel. In school, we spent hours dyeing all day in class and hours of homework afterwards! 


This was my first time dyeing with marigolds, my teacher brought fresh flowers from her garden! I was so excited and so certain these would create some kind of orange. All the dyes have incredible stories. I'll do another post about some of the amazing history of plant dyes.

The windows always had the most beautiful light coming through and it would hit the glass jars full of dyes from all over the world and reflect the most beautiful colours. The classroom was huge and the building was old. I loved wandering around and reading all the old craft books:

This is the colour the fresh marigolds made! Chartreuse! 

This Navajo Dye Chart was hanging on the wall in the textiles room, and it inspired me every single day.