About Us

Abel is a social enterprise, non-profit registered with the Province of British Columbia and Federal Government of Canada. We exist to create flexible additional income for women experiencing barriers to employment. Every garment is made with love by a woman from our team who sews your Abel clothing from the comfort of her own home. Proceeds from your purchase go back to supporting the women we work with and are invested into growth so we can support more women experiencing employment barriers. Both our in-house collection and our small batch production services, Abel Wear, work together to create change in the fashion industry and our local communities.

Our Mission: Fighting poverty with fashion for community economic development.

Our Name: We use the name Abel to symbolize our commitment to seeking justice in the fashion industry. "Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground," - Genesis. This symbolizes our belief that the people who died when Rana Plaza collapsed in 2013 or anyone hurt, exploited or killed sewing clothing deserves to be remembered.

We started as an idea almost 10 years ago and we are so grateful to our community for challenging the fast fashion model and partnering with us and other slow fashion brands to change the industry and the world.

We believe in clothing that doesn't hurt our planet or its people, clothing with purpose. We create sustainability, meaning we don't sacrifice the needs of the future by; using biodegradable materials, natural dyes, organic cotton and 100% cotton prints. We create zero waste collaborations out of our scrap fabric so nothing is put into our local landfills. 

Abel is dedicated to practicing anti-racism with our lives, voices and actions. Systemic racism and white supremacy prevent the reality of inherent Human Rights, globally. Therefore, Black and Indigenous communities and People of Colour are not safe until wealth is redistributed and society reorganized. We acknowledge the privileges tied to white skin and seek to continue to use our advantages to provide income opportunities for all women experiencing barriers to employment. Today and every day, Black Lives Matter.

We are working on re-structuring our organization to better represent the women we serve. We hope to see them lead our organization's direction as it best benefits them, their families and their community. 

Thank you sincerely, for your interest in our work, vision and impact.