The Weight of One

We don't make things the way we used to. Mass production, factory systems, and industrial machines have replaced the heart and soul of creating. The clothing and textile industry is designed for efficiency and profit. The industry works in all the wrong ways. From many perspectives, human progress has done just a much harm as it's done good. Its efficiency also...

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Our Team

Hello friends! We are writing to share with you the very special women at the heart of Abel. All of the women we serve are our heroes. They represent and embody the deep courage and bravery needed to keep going despite the odds, and despite the severity of their circumstances. Both in their home country and here in Canada, these women never...

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The Kootenay School of Arts

Hello! My name is Robyn, I dye all the pieces for Abel and hope that all you encounter in this blog connects with you in many ways. We hope to inspire, but also our intention is for you to join this adventure with us! This blog post is about the Kootenay School of Arts where I learned how to use natural dyes...

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